Are Rocks Better than Mulch?

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When creating a beautiful landscape, selecting the ideal materials is key. Stones and mulch are commonly used, each with unique benefits. In this blog post, we’ll explore their differences and guide you in choosing between stones or mulch for your landscape.

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When to Use Stones or Mulch in Your Landscape


Stones and mulch enhance your landscape aesthetic. Stones offer a natural look with varying shades, textures, and sizes, perfect for creating focal points like pathways or seating areas. 

Meanwhile, mulch comes in different colors to customize your landscape and add a pop of color. It provides a uniform appearance and is great for plant beds.


One major benefit of using stones in your landscape is their low maintenance. Unlike mulch, stones do not decompose, so you only need to replace them as needed. Additionally, stones don’t require regular watering like mulch does, reducing expenses and effort for homeowners.


The cost of stones vs mulch can vary based on the area you need to cover. Stones are typically pricier since they’re bought by weight. For a more budget-friendly option, choose mulch as it’s less expensive. However, consider long-term costs for maintenance and replacement.


When deciding between stones or mulch for your landscape, consider their function. Stones are durable and low maintenance, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like garden pathways. They also prevent soil erosion around shrubs and trees. In contrast, mulch is great for plant beds, keeping soil moist and preventing weeds.

Considerations for Choosing Between Rocks and Mulch

The decision to use either rocks or mulch in your garden depends on several factors: cost, climate, garden size, and personal preference. While rocks are typically pricier to install than mulch and may have a longer lifespan, they can harm your plants. 

Meanwhile, organic mulch offers a cost-effective, hassle-free, and readily accessible option. Sourced from nature’s offerings such as leaves, bark, and animal manure, it’s an environmentally conscious choice. However, it necessitates periodic replacement and demands meticulous upkeep.

Combining Rocks and Mulch

Fortunately no need to pick between rocks and mulch when it comes to crafting a garden with a distinctive landscape design. By cleverly blending the two, you can achieve a truly unique and visually appealing outdoor space. Consider utilizing rocks to create striking decorative elements in select areas, while reserving mulch for the plant-growing regions. This way, you’ll strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Stones or Mulch: Making the Right Choice for Your Landscape with the Wright Gardner!

Choosing between stones or mulch for your landscape is a matter of personal preference. Consider factors like function, budget, appearance, maintenance, and environmental impact. Evaluating these aspects will help create a stunning landscape for years to come. Whichever option you choose, be creative and have fun incorporating it into your garden to create a beautiful and healthy space.

Highlands Landscaping provides an extensive array of services aimed at maximizing the potential of your landscape. Our offerings include expert edging, rock, & mulch installation. Contact us today to receive a complimentary estimate and embark on the journey towards creating the ideal landscape for your home.

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