Landscaping Ideas for an Enchanting Outdoor Space

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Making your home your own is not limited to interior design. By sprucing up your garden, yard, and other exteriors, you can expand the area in which you can relax or be productive. Make the most out of your property and transform your outdoor space with easy upgrades and beautiful fixes.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of enchanting outdoor space ideas for you to try today!

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Greenery and Foliage

A key component to transforming your outdoor space is filling it up with lush greenery and foliage. Pay attention to foliage plants as you would blossoming flowers as these set a dramatic background to which your colorful blooms can strike up against.

Moreover, foliage stands steady throughout the seasons, ensuring you have a strong visual focal point despite the absence of flowers during certain periods.

Blend In With Structure

Assembling potted plants along your home’s walls and even up the steps can help create a smoother flow between outdoors and indoors. This not only makes for a more harmonious look but also makes the entryway to your humble abode much more inviting.

For an even cozier aesthetic, don’t try so hard to match the containers or have consistency in plant colors and types. Having a colorful and whimsical cluster adds character and friendliness.

Keep Your Edges Neat

Despite the heavy foliage and assembly of potted plants, a crucial element of an enchanting outdoor space is definition. You want your outdoors to look lush and full of nature, but at the same time, not as untamed as a forest.

You can keep your edges neat by cleanly cutting around concrete pavers, using them as borders between beds of herbs or flowers, and setting a path to easily flow through your outdoor space.

Decorate The Walls

Certain plants can cling to walls and grow upwards. Depending on what plants are local to you, you can have a beautifully adorned wall on the side of your house filled with geometric-shaped greenery and in some cases, a pop of color. The best way to keep this neat is through regularly pruning them.

Restrict Your Color Palette When Planting Flower Beds

Of course, we were going to mention flowers, we just wanted you to lay the foundation first!

When it comes to your flower beds, be intentional with your color palette. Instead of mixing several kinds together, consider organizing flower types into large clumps of color at a time, slowly creating waves of hues as your garden progresses. This technique can also be used to frame certain blooms between other types, ensuring that they visually complement one another. This way, your beds will look neater, fuller, and aesthetically pleasing.

Add Volume To Your Flower Beds

In addition to limiting your color palette, plant your flower beds in layers. If your plants have differing heights, plant the tallest in the back, medium-sized in the middle, and the shortest ones up front. This creates a fuller effect of blooms and also helps with easier maintenance. 


There are many ways to transform your outdoor space into your dream garden, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Knowing a good landscaping company in Lakewood, CO allows you to bring your ideas to life without the need to look for blooms and designs on your own.

With Highlands Landscaping, bringing your vision to life and starting your landscaping in Denver CO has never been easier. Call us today to see how we can help enhance your outdoor space!

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