Landscape Lighting

Add Light

Lighting adds warmth, ambience and safety to your landscape. Light pathways, steps, and trees or shrubs to enhance your landscape at night.

Lighting Options

We offer a wide variety of landscape lighting solutions, including LED lights, spotlights, and pathway lights. We can help you decide which lighting options are best in your landscape.

Free Estimates

Contact us today and we can talk about what is desired and help plans and build out the perfect lighting system for your landscape.

Contact us for a Free Estimate for Landscape Lighting: 720.884.6378

Let Highlands Landscaping light up your beautiful landscape! Professional landscape lighting adds value, character and safety to your outdoors.

• Accent and spotlight your trees, shrubs and favorite landscape features.

• Add safety to your home by illuminating your walkways and stairs.

• Enhance your outdoor space, yard, or patio to create a relaxing and stylish atmosphere for entertaining guests.