Retaining Walls  – Design & Installation

Denver Retaining Wall

Decorative Walls

Retaining walls are built from decorative block, timber, brick, flagstone or boulders and can be used to retain existing soils, or create raised planting areas, or to separate areas of the landscape.

Retaining walls can help turn “ordinary” landscaping into beautiful works of art.

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Add Gardening Space

Retaining walls can help tame a slope, creating flower or vegetable garden space. They can also be used to divide outdoor spaces, or even to add additional seating.

Elevated flower and vegetable gardens also make for easier maintenance and planting.

Construction of Walls

Constructions of the retaining walls are really intricate. We build walls with a solid base, compacting the base material while providing for good drainage.

For any retaining walls over 3’ tall we use structural architect to do the engineering for the wall.

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