Highlands Landscaping Sod Installation in Denver

Denver Sod Installation

Quickly add Grass

Installing sod is a quick way to establish a healthy green lawn in your landscape.

Good Soil Preparation

We prepare the soil with compost, grade and roll for proper drainage when installing sod.

Denver Sprinkler Company

Irrigation Installation

We can also install or work with your sprinkler system to ensure the grass will thrive.

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At Highlands Landscaping Sod Installation, we do take our time because it is really important to do the proper prep of the soil:

1)   When installing sod, we are meticulous because it is very important to properly prep the soil.

2)   We rototill the top 6” of soil several times and rake out all the weeds, roots, rocks and debris.

3)   We install 3-5 cubic yards of vegetable compost depending on the soil content.

4)   After that we grade and roll several times to establish the proper grade and drainage.

5)   The last step is the sod installation. When installing the sod we make sure the all the seams are tightly packed so the weeds can’t grow through.

6)   And finally we will provide the customer with our watering and maintenance instruction hand-out.