We design and install sprinkler systems in Denver

Denver Sprinkler Company

Design & Installation

We design and install sprinkler systems in Denver landscapes.

Denver Sprinkler Company

Improve Systems

We can move or improve your sprinkler system to be more efficient.

Drip Irrigation

We can also install irrigation to vegetable gardens, planters and beds for optimal watering.

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We are proud to say that our company’s irrigation employees are all certified through CPS Distributors as irrigation technicians.


1) We will measure the water pressure and how many gallons/min are available.  That will determine how many zones will be installed and what kind of sprinklers will be used.

2) Your sprinkler lines will be installed at proper depth (10 inches underground) so that they are less likely to be punctured by lawn aeration, maintenance, and planting.

3) We use leading brand commercial grade material from Hunter, Rainbird and Toro.

4) Depending on the water pressure, we will choose the best sprinkler heads to get the best coverage for your lawn.

5) We will determine the best running time for your zones to ensure sufficient coverage as well as water conservation.