Ornamental & Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought Iron Fencing

We offer a variety of custom built or pre-made ornamental fences and wrought iron fences. We offer pre-made wrought iron fencing designs through Master Halco.

Custom Made

All of our custom made ornamental fences are built at our shop and are powder coated at a powder-coating facility, providing superior corrosion resistance for a long lasting finish.

Long Lasting

All of our pre-made fences are powder coated. Powder coated wrought iron will not need any maintenance for up to 20 years. However, if it is painted it will require painting every 5 years.

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Please click here to view several wrought-iron fence options from our partner, Master Halco.

Fence-Installation-SmallWhen it comes to the installation of the fence, we take our time to make sure that all of the post holes are dug 24 inches deep to establish proper stability to weather any storm. The first thing that will fail on a fence is its posts because of the moisture that corrodes the bottom of the post. To ensure a long lasting post we put 6 inches of gravel on the bottom for drainage and we pour 80 lbs of concrete per fence post. We also create a cone shape on the top of the concrete to drain water away from the post.