Edging, Rock,
& Mulch

Highlands Landscaping - Beaauty

Enhanced Beauty

Applying rock, mulch and decorative rock will provide variety and beauty to your yard, garden, or plant bed. Rock and mulch can be used to create paths and structure to your landscape.

Highlands Landscaping - Edging, Mulch & Rock

Why Use Edging?

We install edging to help prevent grass from moving into gardens or hardscapes, or to separate different materials in the yard.  We will work with you to recommend the best edging options for your outdoor living space.

Highlands Landscaping - Save Water

Save Water

Mulch and rock not only conserve moisture but also keep the soil cooler on hot days and warmer on cool days.  We install commercial grade weed-barrier under the mulch/rock ensuring little to no maintenance for our customers.

Types of Edging

Wood, Pavers, Stone, Plastic, and Metal!

We offer a variety of edging, but ultimately the material used is based on the customer’s aesthetic preferences and project needs!

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