Planting Trees & Plants in Landscapes

Landscape Planting in Denver

Add Color with Plants

When planting plants and trees it is really important to have knowledge where and what to plant so it can thrive. There will be different planting and watering guidelines depending on the species that we are planting.

We also love to work with xeriscapes, designing beautiful gardens that need little to no water in our arid climate. We will work with you to design a garden that will grow more beautiful each year.

Proper Planting

Highlands Landscaping Planting is done with every necessary precaution. We prepare the hole depth so that the top 1”- 4” of the root ball is above ground, and the hole is 6”-12” wider than the width of root ball on all sides. Next we place the plant into the hole. With excavated dirt, we will mix in with compost, etc. to amend the soil to lessen shock and promote rapid growth. After that the amended soil is added back into hole until half filled. Then we place a hose into the hole with a light trickle and complete backfilling hole with amended soil to ground level.

Tree Planting

Planting Trees

Trees can add shade, structure and charm to a garden. When properly planted and located, a tree will thrive and grow into your landscape for many, many years to come.

It is important that trees are planted properly to ensure their long-term health and that they have space to grow.

We can recommend trees that will work best for your landscape needs, contact us today and we’ll meet with you to discuss ideas.

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